Prayer Guide

Prayer requests can be emailed to
and to asdd to this website

Pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored
2 Thessalonians 3:1

James Albright Bently & Tracy
(friends of Karlyn H.)
Barbara Bradford
Bill Bauhaus
(brother of Lois Schreiber)
Nan Belsinger Carla
(fam. of Tittles)
Carol Bickel Broomfield Family Family of Wes Buckman
(fam. of L. Schreiber)
(Carol Fry's son-in-law)
Family of Doris Jacobson
Family of Sandra Fink
(Pastor Fink's wife)
Carol Kreyling Ginny Lease
(Julie's grandmother)
(Carol Fry's Son)
Dick & Dot Randall
Jason Randell
(Randall's grandson)
John Rokoe & Jeffery Saunders
(fam. of Lois Schreiber)
MaryLou Roselli
(fr. I. Matusz)
Natalie Rymarz Rosemary
(fr. of Tittel family)
Gary Schreiber
(Lois' brother-in-law)
Will K. Smith
(grandson of Linda C.)
Jane Tarrio
(sister of Carol Pagano)
Tom Whitlaw
Family of Diane Wagner Margaret West Bob Wancowitz
(fr. of Advent)
Those impacted by recent tornadoes
Pray for all those who teach and attend our schools
Pray for all missionaries in the United States and in all the world
Pray for all those in the military and civil service to our country
and in the coalition who remain overseas

Pray for all those who are unemployed and suffering economically