For more information concerning the church or CDC:

POSSIBLE NEW BIBLE STUDY: If anyone is interested in attending a midweek bible study in the evening, please speak to Pam Weimer. It would not start until after the first of the year. Day and location still to be determined

NEW STUDY GROUP: A small group from Advent has joined efforts to support one another in an endeavor to memorize Scripture passages. The benefits of having the Lord's Words engraved in our minds, ready to share at any opportune time, or for our own strength, courage, and education are tremendous!! This is a no-pressure, guided, FUN project, with ideas and shared experiences as we connect with each other, our Lord and His Word!! If you are interested in being blessed in this special way, please contact Carol Fry: 410-838-6691 or 908-295-0001.

PRAYER CIRCLE REMINDER: To request immediate intercessory prayer, call Martha Cooper at 410-879-9279 or Verna Liescheidt at 410-836-9391. Prayer is an invitation into the heart of the Father.

WELCOME ONE EMERGENCY SHELTER DONATIONS - As an on-going ministry, on the third Sunday of each month, we will be collecting items for the shelter in Belcamp. Each month will be a different item. Check bulletin and the church's home page for the item of the month.

MUSICIANS AND SINGERS NEEDED - We welcome you to sing along and praise our Father through our musical fellowship. ACE consists of the following members � Stacey Roush, Clarence Broomfield, Jeff McGranor (vocals), Mike Whitaker (guitar), Nathaniel Rymarz (tenor sax), Rick Broomfield (keyboard and drums). If you are interested in participating with singing or playing an instrument to the glory of our Lord, please feel free to reach out to any of the individuals above.

RECEIVE A FREE WITNESSING EBOOK: Stay up to date on Lutheran Hour Ministries' SENT Outreach Conference by installing the free Lutheran Hour Ministries Events app, available now for both Android and iPhone. In appreciation for your download of the conference app, Lutheran Hour Ministries will provide you with a free download of our eBook, Make HIM Known: A Foundation for Witnessing. This eBook addresses the many questions people have regarding evangelism and the laity's role in witnessing and provides a biblical foundation and context for us to build on to be successful evangelists.

PROJECT CONNECT: A new booklet from Project Connect encourages you to go beyond one day and give the other six to God as well. Order "Live th Six" at

GOODSEARCH: is a search engine that contributes a penny for every search to the charity of your chioce. Advent church and CDC are both registered charities.

CHECK OUT THE NUMEROUS WAYS YOU CAN LISTEN ON YOUR LUTHERAN RADIO STATION KFUO: anytime, anywhere. It's all on their website at Live streaming on your computer, laptop, tablet, iPhones, smartphones, WiFi radio and internet connecting TVs. Also, on their website you'll find their program schedule, underwriters, staff info and more. Like and follow them on

MEMORIAL GIFTS: When giving memorial or remembrance gifts to Advent, if your intent is for the gift to go into the general fund to be used for the financial benefit of the church, please indicate "general fund". Otherwise, the family of the deceased is asked how they would like the gift used. Any questions?? See Shirley Lastner.

CHRISTIAN RADIO AND TELEVISION: �Good News � Jesus Loves You�. Listen to positive music and programs:

  • FM Radio 94.5 WDAC
  • FM Radio 95.1 WRBS, SHINE FM
  • TV Cable Channel 15, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m

K.I.D.S. STAMP PROGRAM: LCEF provides a fun and convenient way to encourage our children to get involved in the ministry of the church. When the initial stamp book ($25) is completed and sent to LCEF, the district LCEF staff will award that child with a reflective sports pack. Stamps can be purchased for 25 cents or $1.00. This is a great way to teach our children about stewartship while receiving a return on their investment and in helping churches and schools expand their ministries. For more information, call Vicki Edwards at 800-637-5723.


LCEF SERVICES TO HELP YOUR MINISTRY GROW: Whatever your ministry is focused on, LCEF provides low cost loans and services to make your vision become a reality. Check the LCEF website at to see the variety of services and loans available. Some of the services offered are Capital funding Services, Architectural Advisory Committee, Demographic Services, Laborers for Christ, Nails, Strategic Ministry Planning, , and various workshops such as Mission flex Constitution�in-a-day, leadership renewal, volunteerism, ministry goals, and stewardship. For more information on these services, or investment possibilities, see your LCEF representative or call Cindy Haupt or Vicki Edwards at 800 637-5723

Y. I. Club: The Young Investors Club is a rewarding way to enhance the development of stewardship in our children by teaching them that stewardship is a way of life. Remember that our children of today are the adults of tomorrow. Let�s give them a great future by giving them the foundation they need through this exciting program that can be used by day schools, Bible schools, and Sunday schools and is designed for kindergarten through eighth grade including various activities. For more information, call Vicki or Cindy at 800 637-5723, or check the web at

MITE OFFERING SUNDAY: The third Sunday of every month is LWML mite offering Sunday. Bring your mite boxes that Sunday and deposit your mites in the designated box in the narthex. A list of the Approved Mission Grants for 2010-2012 is posted on the bulletin board.

BEGIN A FAMILY EMERGENCY FUND: Three to six months of expenses is a good goal to strive for in establishing an emergency fund. Consider opening an LCEF Family Emergency Steward Account today to equip yourself to handle those unexpected expenses that crop up at the most inconvenient times. Just $25 a month is all you need to begin your journey toward financial security, while supporting the ministry of LCEF. See your LCEF Congregational Representative, call the district office at 1-800-637-5723, or check the website at

THRIVENT FINANCIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: The North York Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has been chosen to conduct a social media pilot. We are one of only 11 in the nation to be doing this. We have started a Facebook page and you may use it to post your church events to which the public is invited. This should come in really handy for you as we approach the holidays! Here is the web address: Under "Discussions" you may post your events. Please help us publicize this site. It not only helps US, but helps to widen the net of people you'll reach with your announcements. Please note that nothing is sold by Thrivent on this site. - Joyce Moul, First St Johns Lutheran Church, Director of Communications, North York Chapter, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

PORTALS OF PRAYER ONLINE: Portals of Prayer is available as an electronic edition, which comes as an online product and features easy scrolling and zoom capabilities. Plus, because we always want to make our resources easy to use, the electronic Portals can be purchased alone or as an easy add-on to your current subscription. Visit to order or call 1-800-325-3040 for more information today. Plus, if you order today, you�ll receive a 30 day trial, absolutely free.

FLOWER CHART: The new flower chart for 2016 has been posted in the narthex. If you would like to honor a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion in this manner, there are still spaces available.

E-MAILING NOTIFICATION: If you have an email account and will email us at, we will add your name to our list of people to contact in case church services are canceled due to inclement weather.

SUNDAY MORNING REFRESHMENTS: In the spirit of fellowship, we are going to provide coffee and tea on Sunday mornings. Please see the sign-up sheet in the narthex if you are interested in helping.

BOX TOPS AND LABELS FOR EDUCATION: Deposit your Box Tops for Education and Campbell�s Labels for Education in the box located on the table under the large bulletin boards in the narthex area. This is for the CDC.

DONATE UNWANTED VEHICLES: The Lutheran Mission Society wants your unwanted car or truck! Vehicle donations help provide funds to share food, clothing and the Gospel with families and individuals in need. Fast, friendly, safe and simple. Call Joe Earnest today at 410-636-0123 or visit us on the web at for more information. Click to view and download LMS Vehicle Donation graphic resources.

LUTHERAN CHURCH EXTENSION FUND: A good place to earn competitive interest and also help to build new Lutheran churches, schools and other outreach facilities. Savings rate sheets are in a rack above the mail boxes. See Clarence A. Fry, the congregation LCEF representative for additional information or visit

BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES: If you do not wish your birthday or anniversary shared with the congregation, please inform Deborah Rockwell at (410) 838-5967 or email at

WORSHIP SIGN-UP SHEET: Please note the new sign-up chart for readers, liturgists, acolytes, children�s message and communion assistant on the bulletin board in the narthex. This chart covers several months, so anyone interested in signing up for a particular Sunday this summer may do so.

TAX REFUNDS: Are you looking for a place to earn solid returns in interest on your savings and help build more Lutheran churches and schools? Consider one of the investments available through the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. Rate of return sheets are available at the LCEF display on the bulletin board. Contact our congregational LCEF representative, Clarence Fry, for any additional information on LCEF investments that you may need.

SERMONS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET: Past sermons are here, on the church's web site at SERMONS.

ADULT BIBLE CLASSES: (no classes June through August)

  • Sundays after 9:30 Service (~11:00) -
    Overview of the books of the Bible
  • Wednesday, 10:00am - Questions & Answers concerning previous Sunday service -
    Place - the Rev. Paul Kreyling Room

FOOD DONATION SUNDAY - The first Sunday of each month is food donation Sunday.

Advent Email Prayer/Announcement List: Join the Advent e-mail list and get announcements, upcoming events, and prayer request, direct to your inbox. Simply send a blank message from your email address to

Lutheran Mission Society Funds: The Lutheran Mission Society is in critical need of funds to assist in the resettlement of individuals and families in our area, and to help mothers and children with housing. Please send your contributions to the Lutheran Mission Society, 1201 S. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21240.

Continue your prayers for our missionaries: Kedra Larsen, Botswana, Africa; Chuck & Susan Weatherstone, Mali, West Africa; Ed & Mary Fox & their children, Carolyn & Don, Guatamala; Steve Cohen, St. Louis, MO, for "Apple of His Eye"; Susan & Chuck Weatherstone (Mali, W.Africa); and all un-named missionaries we support at home and abroad.

Southeastern District Prayer Partners: Prayer partners are needed who will faithfully and regularly pray for the work of the Gospel in the hearts and lives of people. Partners receive regular prayer requests for mission needs and new outreach opportunities. If you would like to become a Prayer Partner for Mission, complete the form located on the bulletin board and return it to church office or send it to the Southeastern District Office.

Pastoral Hospital Visits - Due to LHRRA regulations (privacy act) hospitals may no longer contact your church for you when you are hospitalized. If you would like to receive a pastoral visit or an elder visit when you are in the hospital, please have a family member notify the church office and your call will be handled promptly.

THE APPALACHIAN AREA - is one of the poorest pockets of poverty in the USA. We plan to make regular trips to that area with clothing, baby items, paper back novels and household cleaning items. If you care to donate to this program, you may bring them to the church any Sunday and we'll collect and store them.