Martini Lutheran Church's Historian, Sandy Harper, has put together a booklet about St. Paul's Cemetery in Druid Hill Park, part of the story of many of our churches. This is the cemetery of the first LCMS congregation in Baltimore (called Second Evangelical), from which came Immanuel, St Paul's Catonsville, and Martini, followed by two English churches, a host of daughter churches, and City Mission Society (now Lutheran Mission Society) churches.

The booklet has color pictures, and costs about $5 to produce. But we are simply asking that a person make their best gift above that amount, and we will send the booklet and apply the gift amount to the Cemetery Fund to help set up fallen tombstones.

The Cemetery includes noted old Baltimore German merchant names such as Muhly (Bakeries) and Sieck (Floral Wholesalers), and a host of others. Buried in the cemetery is Ernst Wyneken, infant son of the former Synod President, and a picture of a subsequent Synod President paying respects at his grave. Also, one of Wyneken's first two seminary students from his prairie kitchen, Rev. Frincke, rests here. The booklet includes stories of days long forgotten; oddities and interests of the period of greatest use, from the purchase of farmland outside the city to its becoming surrounded by the new Druid Hill Park; to its vandalism and recovery.

The booklet is a must for any local church library, and for every person interested in those who went before to make possible our spiritual journey today. If you'd like a copy of the booklet, contact Martini Lutheran Church at 410-752-7817.